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  • Downslow - Bitterfeld (Chatterbox Remix)
  • Downslow - Counter Pro-Ism (Atwashere Remix)
  • Downslow - Dub Ist Ein Held (Heavynoiz Remix)
  • Downslow - Long Way To Eternity (quadratschulz Remix)
  • Downslow - Pressure Den Roh (Tapetower Remix)
  • Downslow - The Giant (Downslow Remix)
  • Grabgesang - Giganten (Downslow Cover Version)
  • Tape Mix A - Downslow's Tunes
    ("Doom, Dub + Dosenbier" & Downslow Remix)
  • Tape Mix B - Recycled Remixes
Dosenbier - Dosenbier Recycled (Ltd. Tape Edition)
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This collaboration is all about our love for remix culture. Your favourite labels "We Keep Shit Dope Records" and "Trust in Wax" are teaming up to release their 1st mutual tape! Both are united by the idea to support Downslow with his idea to create a six pack of alternate versions of his beloved "Doom, Dub + Dosenbier“ EP. As a result „Dosenbier recycled“ showcases six plus one twisted reworks which range from dancehall driven vibez, atmospheric electro sounds and deep rooted house up to dope beats with snappy snares and booming kicks. Enjoy the contributions by Tapetower, Atwashere, quadratschulz, Heavynoiz, Chatterbox … and of course Downslow himself! As a bonus you’ll also find a very special cover in a black metal stylee by the infamous Grabgesang!  

PS: We added all the original tunes of „Doom, Dub + Dosenbier“ on the flip side for all you tape enthusiasts. Please enjoy and compare!