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  • Atwashere – Discobib
  • Baronski - Kairo
Atwashere - Discobib & Baronski - Kairo (Limited Edition)
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Atwashere – Discobib
Put the needle on the record and tie your dancing shoes: After some deep studies of "sine wave"-ism and „handclap“-istcs at the University of Vintage Gear, Atwashere switched on his trusty MPC 3000, plugged in his SP 202 … and grabbed some vinyl to let go! His new tune is mainly about a moogy baseline, some rearranged humming voices and plenty chopped piano licks. We are really happy he returned from his beat lab with a slow disco mover like this! Enjoy.
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Baronski – Kairo
Baronski’s „Kairo“ is a genre wise time travel from the good ol’ past of Big Beat to the future of nowadays dance sound! Do you remember the end of 90’s when the typical uk freestyle sound of fat and fast breakbeats plus funky sample madness smashed the dancefloors in nearly every club? Baronski’s new track follows up to step into this ring. It has some unique oriental flavor, is percussion driven and adds some extra sub bass to make you feel comfortable in front of big booming speakers all around you. Please enjoy … it’s a Nice One!
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