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  • 49 unique instruments to use in the free MSoundFactoryPlayer by Melda
derknott - Knott(s)pack (Sample Pack)
pay what you want

49 shades of knott

Enjoy a huge universe of sounds including a sampled handpan, vibraphon, farfisa, chimes, upright bass, xylophone, drum synth and various pianos, organs and percussion … plus plenty of more wicked stuff! 

The use in your own music is royalty-free. Feel free to use these files to create your own music in any DAW and as part of any commercial release with no conditions.

You are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files. Obviously, linking back to the pack or dropping #trustinwax or #beatnetz_ms in your liner notes is encouraged, but not required.

The only limitation is that you cannot re-sell those samples as samples in a sample pack, or incorporate them as part of an instrument that has also the purpose to be sold for profit.

It's free but you're welcome to pay what you want for it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this amazing Knott(S)pack by derknott.

PS: The song in the preview player was produced 100% from the instruments and sounds from the Knott(S)pack

Installation guide: 

Copy your fresh downloaded „Knott(S)pack“ files to your favorite folder.

Go to 

Click „instruments“ and choose „MSoundFactory“  

Download the free version of „MSoundFactoryPlayer“ >>

In fact you will be directed to:

During installation you will be asked which components to install. There are some great free plugins to install, while there are paid plugins too, which will only work for about 2 weeks.

MSoundfactory is a paid instrument BUT you can use it as an Instrument  Player after the trial period, so you can use the knott(s)pack beyond the trial time in the MSoundFactoryPlayer.

With the release of knott(s)pack there will be an introduction video under the youtube account: UNTERWASSERBEATBOXER
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