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Sample Pack w/ 14 flute, whistle and string sounds from mad lovely to freakin’ melodic

Christine Latour "Soundclown" (Sample Pack)
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Christine Latour
Soundclown Sample Pack

We are very proud to present you 14 unique recordings of flute, whistle and string sounds by Christine Latour. She is a full-blooded musician and especially likes to play the transverse flute. Her contribution to Münster Beatnetz's "Sample Roulette" ranges from from mad lovely to freakin’ melodic sound snippets. Listen this!

The use in your own music is royalty-free. Feel free to use these files to create your own music in any DAW and as part of any commercial release with no conditions.

You are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files. Obviously, linking back to the pack or dropping #trustinwax or #beatnetz_ms in your liner notes is encouraged, but not required.

The only limitation is that you cannot re-sell those samples as samples in a sample pack, or incorporate them as part of an instrument that has also the purpose to be sold for profit.

It's free but you're welcome to pay what you want for it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download this amazing sound collection by Christine Latour.