kalla - Daylight

Trust in Wax is an artist collective and record label based in Münster, Germany. We're all about music. No matter which style. We like it, we do it. On "Nice One" we'll usually present downbeat music we made ... but this time we have a special double release for you, one that ranges from classical piano sounds to instrumental beats.

"Nocturne" by Samuel Bosch meets "Daylight" by kalla!

This release shows both sides of the artist formerly known as "derkalavier" who has accompanied Trust in Wax for a long time, both on stage and with his releases. Art is there to break down barriers in the mind. Just like his music. Trust us ... and listen this!

Special thanks to

  • Jakob Maser // Design we trust!
  • Orlando Treichel (Amp On) // Mastering
  • FTI e.V. // ... for makin’ this happen!