D-Square & 5th / Broadway Blvd.

Come with us on a new journey through the varied sound of Downslow! His latest double single goes forward, even though it's also chill and downbeat. With "Broadway Blvd." in your headphones, Downslow delivers the perfect soundtrack for strolling through your city's bustling traffic. "D-Square & 5th" seamlessly picks up that vibe ... just imagine that it's Manhattan you're discovering ... and since we're releasing these two gems on your favourite label, Downslow couldn't help but add his "(Bonus Beat)" to extend your journey. It's a Nice One ... trust us!

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Special thanks to

  • Jakob Maser // Design we trust!
  • Orlando Treichel (Amp On) // Mastering
  • FTI e.V. // ... for makin’ this happen!