Okay, for the latest song from Trust in Wax we thought it was time for something special. A postcard with our music on it. You can send it with a nice saying or just love it and play it on your record player. 

With all this going on, you could almost forget that the song on this vinyl postcard isn't bad either. Downslow and Atwashere worked together in the studio on their song "Dev", resulting in three edits: A short version, the playing length of which fits well on this postcard ... and two uncut versions, pretty much tailored to their personal taste, which you can also download as a digital release from our shop or stream on the usual suspects. 

Enjoy & listen this!

>> Music Video

Special thanks to

  • Jakob Maser // Design we trust!
  • Orlando Treichel (Amp On) // Mastering
  • FTI e.V. // ... for makin’ this happen!