Trust in Wax is an artist collective and record label. We produce records, we play records. It’s really that simple. It started back then with some mash ups and special edits to nice up our gigs. Right now we are also very proud to present remixes for fellow colleagues or even do our very own tracks. It is about good music. No matter which style. Hip Hop, Soul, Jungle, Reggae – you get the idea.

Because we don't stick to just one type of sound, we founded sub labels like "Nice One" or "Antitype". They may differ in style, but unite all the love and passion we have for heavy basslines, thick drums, dubby echoes and crispy vinyl crackles. nuff said.

Let's get on with some music!


wax (wæks)

wax 1. cera n; paraffin [chem.] n; sealingwax n; earwax (cerumen) n; common black pitch n; beeswax n; bone wax n; shoe polish n; wax candle f, wax doll f. wax head f; (transitive) torub, smear, stiffen, coat, polish, etc, with wax, to remove (hair) [wax treatment], to wax lyrical aboutsth. wax 2. [slang] a phonograph record

trust (trʌst)

trust 1. faith (in so.|sth.) n; firm belief (in so.|sth.) n; trustee relationship [finan.] n; credit n; deposit n; pledge n; foundation [finan.] n; cartel n; syndicate n; -company n; in|on trust [in goodfaith]; to give credit to so.; position of trust