Binyo – Fehler (Atwashere! Spezialversion) // tiw#4

Sometimes we do remixes for artists we like. Maybe you enjoy the results as much as we do?

Binyo – Fehler (Atwashere! Spezialversion)

When he has been asked to do a remix for singer & songwriter BINYO, Atwashere immediately switched on his metal gear. The result is a drum heavy "Spezialversion" of the tune "Fehler" with lots of organ, saxophone and of course BINYO's very nice voice. 

Binyo – Fehler Dubstrumental (Atwashere! Spezialversion)

For those of you who just like the beat, we've got the instrumental version right here!

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Very special THX to: 

  • Very special THX to: 
  • Orlando Treichel (Amp On) // Mastering 
  • FTI e.V. // ... for makin’ this happen!