Atwashere ft. Morina Miconnet – Take A Look // tiw#3

On "Antitype" we feature tunes which are mostly uptempo, sometimes electronical, often broken, but always have in common to aim forward. We hope you enjoy the first episode of our new sublabel by Trust in Wax.
Also, we love Remixes. For an artist it's always very special when listening to a flipped version of a the own track with a total different approach. This time we were all blown away by the new idea WakeUp put into this track. Now it's a bass heavy, complete bended, slow mover. Enjoy!

BorkerBrothers Remix

And what's up with this BorkerBrothers' version? They've twisted Atwashere's original track into a truly drum'n'bass tune. It's heavy, got bass and is rad on every big sound system. In short: This is the sound of ANTITYPE. Just give it a listen.

Mastered with heart for vinyl. 

  • 12“ vinyl (pressed loud on 45rpm) and digital download
  • Includes original, dubstrumental, two remixes and acapella
  • One round Trust in Wax-sticker is included while supplies last (!)

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Very special THX to: 

  • Erika Knauer (Soulya's) // ... for the awesome moves! 
  • Butchers & Duchess // Pure video niceness
  • Michèle Meditz // Heart, soul and master plan
  • Jakob Maser // Design we trust! 
  • Orlando Treichel (Amp On) // Mastering 
  • FTI e.V. // ... for makin’ this happen!