Clear Soul Forces – Detroit Revolution(s)

Clear Soul Forces

Detroit hip hop is topic everyone is talking about again after the great era of J Dilla; not least as a result of the latest  success of producer Apollo Brown, who has been all over in the past two years. Another upcoming project from the city of Detroit is Clear Soul Forces.

The hip hop group that brings the soul back to Motown is comprised of four members; E-Fav, L.A.Z., Noveliss, and producer/emcee Ilajide. In March of 2012, the group released their debut album “Detroit Revolution(s)”  at the same time when the group was performing at SXSW for their second time. “Detroit Revolution(s)” brings everything you’d expect from a classic hip hop album out of Detroit; a notable, nostalgic sound with true school sample beats and a slight soul touch.

You can download the album for free on Bandcamp or simply listen to it in the stream below! An LP version of it is available on vinyl-digital. If you like their stuff you should definitely not miss to check their latest project “Gold PP7s”, which has been released on LP back in 2013.