wax (wæks)

wax 1. cera n; paraffin [chem.] n; sealingwax n; earwax (cerumen) n; common black pitch n; beeswax n; bone wax n; shoe polish n; wax candle f, wax doll f. wax head f; (transitive) torub, smear, stiffen, coat, polish, etc, with wax, to remove (hair) [wax treatment], to wax lyrical aboutsth. wax 2. [slang] a phonograph record trust (trʌst) trust 1. faith (in so.|sth.) n; firm belief (in so.|sth.) n; trustee relationship [finan.] n; credit n; deposit n; pledge n; foundation [finan.] n; cartel n; syndicate n; -company n; in|on trust [in goodfaith]; to give credit to so.; position of trust

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